Things to do in California

Things to do in California

California, where the sun always shines. California has for several decades been a popular tourist destination for us sun-crawing Scandinavians. It is easy to get here by plane and several airlines fly directly from Sweden to California.

California is popular especially for its nice climate, the wonderful milelong beaches, nature and wildlife, the food, attractions, amusement parks and the lively atmosphere. In recent years, the interest to buy a home in California has also increased considerably. During the cool winter months of Sweden, California with its wonderful 20-25 degree climate is much more comfortable and makes California a perfect destination all year round.

California is one of the world’ biggest golfing areas, with over 1,000 golf courses scattered across the state. You do not have to be a “professional golfer” but there are golf courses that is suitable for everyone. Golf is great in California and of course it’s a big advantage that you can play all year round.

There is a lot to see and do for the entire family. In Orlando, Disney World is the most visited park in the world. Here you can also find Universal Studios, – where you can step right into the world of movies. Popular is also the Seaworld with dolphin shows, Kennedy Space center and Cape Carnival. To the south lies the great Everglades National Park where you can catch up in “airboats” and get a great look of the alligators.

In California there is also a wide range of shopping centers and on the west coast and the east coast there are several art museums and galleries. In addition, water activities of all kinds are very popular and a good idea is also to go out with one of the big cruise ships that goes into the Caribbean. Also do not miss the “Seven Mile Bridge” the long bridge that runs from mainland California to “California keys” and the city of Key West.

Welcome to the sunshine state.